Working In The Pharmacy at Baptist Health

Working in the pharmacy department may be a bit of a challenge, but it's nothing that our amazing team can't handle.  Have you been thinking about joining our pharmacy? We're here to give you an inside look at what it's like being a part of our organization. Sarah Volgas has been a Clinical Pharmacist with us since June of 2017. She began her role with us as a Pharmacy Resident immediately upon finishing pharmacy school. The pharmacy department works together really well. I also really think that the pharmacists here can work at the top of their license, as opposed to other healthcare facilities. Our pharmacists are consulted by physicians to manage different drug therapies, and it gives us the authority to adjust dosages and order labs, and really dial into that aspect of patient care. Kevin Flannagin is a Clinical Pharmacy Analyst and has been at Baptist Health for 14 years. He says Baptist Health is where his parents met as employees, so seeking us out as a career home felt natural, but he stayed because of our unique opportunities. "I spent a lot of time building reports and figuring out how we can use the electronic record system better--so when the opportunity came up to combine my two interests, I jumped at the chance," he says. We're responsible for configuring all the medications you see in the electronic medical record—that's charging, billing, ordering, making things convenient, giving shortcuts to commonly used buttons, as well as making it easy for people to get the information they need for their medications. I'm also responsible for pharmacy-specific workflows such as dispensing, preparing IVs, the scoring system that helps pharmacists understand which patients they need to spend the most time on. Finally, we handle EPIC and making sure we have the latest enhancements for our users. If you're still interested in being part of the Baptist Health pharmacy team, an 11-year pharmacist, Nathan Adams, has some advice for you. It's a really good job. I've enjoyed working for Baptist Health. If you stick with them, they have good benefits. A cool thing about this system is that whether you're in the metros of Little Rock or not, it's a huge advantage to be part of a large system. It's possible to have reach as a system and stay ahead of the curve while also still having a personal touch with your team. There are a lot of resources that other, smaller hospitals don't have, but we do as a Baptist Health team. Are you ready to Keep On Amazing? We have a spot for you on our team. Visit our careers site to apply today!

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