What You Can Expect From The Baptist Health Family

Starting a new career can be exciting, but part of entering a new workforce is undoubtedly a little worrisome. But for the lucky people who are looking to join the Baptist Health family, we have testimonials from our very own people about what you can expect when you come to work on day one.Baptist Health prides itself on fostering an environment that our staff members can grow and be supported in. Working with us means conquering new challenges and constantly learning new techniques.Cynthia Roy has been an RN II with us at Baptist Health since 2012. She found us after wanting to expand her career. Since then, she’s had the chance to spend time with us and understand how the facility operates and what she can expect each day. It's a different feeling every day, because no two days are the same. I'm happy to work here. There have been other work experiences where it felt like I had to be there, but I've never felt like that at Baptist Health. I'm excited to go to work because of the support of the people around me. If something happens, I know what to do, and if I don't, I can look it up or ask my team about it. It's a really supportive environment and is very nurse-driven. Not only does Baptist Health care about your success in the healthcare industry, we care about your work-life balance. The work-life harmony we provide is second to none. We believe that in order to be your best self, you've got to take care of yourself first! Here's what Clinical Pharmacist Elizabeth Bradshaw has to say about her work-life balance. It's a lot of work because I’m part of the night shift, but then you have a week off every other week. It's almost like having a vacation. There's some recovery time to act on a normal schedule afterwards, but I really like our system and I've been on it since I started. Our teammates depend on one another to help Baptist Health perform at its peak. We strive to offer our staff the opportunity to work with different team members in order to better their professional skillsets. No one role is more important than another, because we are all working to further the same mission: improving the health status of the community. Brian Fellone, a Hospital Billings Claim Analyst had this to say about the spirit of collaboration here at Baptist Health, We have three to four pretty big projects that are due in the next few months, so we're covering each other's backs. If we know somebody's going to be involved in a lot of meetings over the course of the day, or they're on a call, we watch the board and back them up so they're not interrupted. We're like siblings. We play off of each other well. For collaboration between teammates to work, Brian believes that "communication is very, very key," and so do we! Here at Baptist Health, we work our hardest to create an open line of communication for staff members to voice their ideas and concerns. If you’re looking for a career that promotes growth and balance, don’t forget to visit our career site and see what we have available for you!

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