Tips From the Baptist Health Team For Quarantine

Each day of quarantine can present new challenges, but it can also provide new opportunities for improving your health, wellness, and relationship with your family. The Baptist Health team has been providing great suggestions about how to leverage this time for good. Here’s just a few of the ideas we came up with! Embrace Home Workouts When going to the gym isn’t available, there are many other options to keep you achieving your fitness goals. It can be hard to start a brand-new routine from scratch, but of course, Baptist Health is here to help! We walk you through various ways to stay active during quarantine, including the ever-helpful yoga (it’s also great for stress relief!), finally doing those yard work chores you’ve been putting off, and suggesting exercises that need zero equipment. Make sure to tell us what you’ve accomplished at home! Look Inward and Reflect We want to support all aspects of your health, even if we have to do so at a distance. Dr. Charles Chamblee, the Director of our Outpatient Behavior Services team, recently penned this insightful essay about how to deal with anxiety and excessive stress during quarantine. But as Dr. Chamblee points out, all of us at Baptist Health are still available for you.

If you find that you still feel anxious and overwhelmed, our licensed professional counselors are available to help. All of our counselors hold specialty licensure to provide services via telehealth. You don’t even have to leave your home to meet with one of our providers. If you need assistance and would like to schedule a time to meet with a counselor, reach out to our staff at (501) 487-6010.

Keep Doing New Things It’s still possible to experience new things, even if you’re surrounded by some very familiar settings. We’ve compiled a helpful resource to give your brain a workout of its own. Between virtual scavenger hunts, a look into the Little Rock zoo, and free museum tours, your weekends will be filled with fun things to do with your family at home. But that’s not all! Make sure to follow Baptist Health Careers on social media to see what we’re doing to stay connected during this difficult time. Stay safe, and stay motivated!

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