The Spectrum of Continued Education at Baptist Health

It’s an undeniable fact that the people who make up Baptist Health have individual strengths and unique paths that led them here. But there is one thing that every Baptist Health employee believes in: the ability to do more. Whether it’s by learning more from your patient’s bedside or enrolling in one of our RN classes, our people are constantly striving to better themselves so they can better the people of Arkansas. Take Caitlynn Foiles’ story. After she graduated RN school, she joined our nursing department, but she still had her eye on a bigger prize. “Here, we have a track for the CRN III, which is a clinical registered nurse,” she explained. “After you’ve been there a while, you get a raise and a leadership role that focuses on people. I thought that was really neat too.” And she didn’t stop there. She kept her education going until she became a full-fledged CCRN. You’re certified from an association of nurses and it’s reflected in the nationwide board. When I got certified, Baptist reimbursed me the cost of the test and I got a $1000 bonus. The accreditation society says it’s a way to show what the patients and employers that you took the time and that you are a professional in your field. Angela Turner had a similar success with Baptist Health supporting her through college. Baptist Health is very supportive of its students and its people. They want you to get as much education as you can get. They pay you for just about all of it—I think I was out maybe $150 for my bachelor’s degree. It’s amazing. They have tuition reimbursement, and I know because of that I’m going to start doing my master’s degree soon. But there are all types of learning out there. Lindsey Mitchell recalls being exposed to a completely new environment when she started her career with us. “I accepted a position at the Conway hospital, which was so new that it had just opened to staff members,” Lindsey commented. I started in July, but the hospital wasn’t open for patients until September. We had time really got to go into the Recovery Room and help get everything needed. That was just the right experience, just thinking about things you don’t have every day, or what you do use every day, and make sure that it’s there. I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with a project at that level before. Our non-clinical staff is also driven to learn and work at a higher level of care. Derek Williamson over at our Little Rock Pharmacy has seen his own career take off because of his willingness to learn and throw himself into projects. To him (and us!), it’s what makes Baptist Health different. I have a passion for what I do, so I would like to grow my position to acquire more things throughout the system. Because of Baptist Health, I’ve been able to increasingly do what I love with technology over the years that I’ve been here. I truly was able to make it what fit me. The system is going to support you in your career if you’re dedicated to growing. How will you learn at Baptist Health? Find out by applying today!

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