The People We Help

“We had a young male patient come in once. He stuck out to me because he looked like one of my co-worker’s husbands,” Caitlynn Foiles, RN II, CRN, recalled. So we get called in and we have 30 minutes to get there because it’s an emergency situation, and when we went into the ER and I opened the curtain to get into his room, I stopped dead in my tracks. I thought it was him. Naturally, it wasn’t him, but it was this young male who had so much life to live, and I knew that he would’ve died. There’s absolutely no doubt about it. If he did not come into the ER, he would not have woken up the next morning. He was younger than my parents, and to see him get full function back of his heart and be so grateful for life and for what we did, it was just . . . it made me really appreciate what I do. As a nurse, as an employee, and as a person. The people we help every day at Baptist Health is what gets us motivated to come to work. Our teams are filled with dedicated, positive people who all work towards the same goal: getting the best solution possible for the patient. No matter what role you fill as a health team member, you’re part of that important process. Angela Turner, ARN III, has a position that requires an administrative focus, but she finds the time to prep patients early in the mornings when the scheduling has been completed. “I always remember that this the patient’s first time going through medical procedures,” she explained. They don’t do it every day like we do, so sometimes they feel nervous because they are worried about something that the rest of us think is minor. I always remember that they don’t do this every day, and it’s okay to be scared. I like to reassure them and say, ‘Don’t worry, it’s my job.’ Talking with them about their job and what they do can help. I’m very happy to be a nurse. Cynthia Roy, RN III, has also experienced gratitude through nursing. Being a nurse at Baptist Health means that you put that extra something into your patient care: a listening ear, an understanding mind. To her it was natural, but to her patient’s family, it was remarkable. “A few weekends ago, I took care of a patient with special needs,” Cynthia remarked. “There was a middle-aged man in our facility, and his mom had taken excellent care of him through the years, and she was actually really happy with how we treated him while he was here.” She said she was so amazed at how comfortable all the nurses were with taking care of her son, and how everyone was including him in his care. He had special needs, but he was still our patient to care for, so we spoke with him about his decisions and his treatment plan. But his mother was so impressed, and she said she had taken him places that had not included him in his care, but every time someone came in to treat him at Baptist Health, we spoke with him like everyone else and took the time to explain everything to him. Ensuring our patients are operating at their top capacity (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) is what sets Baptist Health team members apart. If you’re searching for a healthcare career that can provide that “extra touch,” visit our Careers Site to learn about our open positions.

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