The Outpatient Experience with Kim Moix

Baptist Health is privileged enough to have numerous healthcare facilities all over the state of Arkansas. But whether you’re in the main hospital in Little Rock or an outpatient center in the rural countryside, our level of care is the same. If you enter a building with our name, you’re guaranteed care that contains the highest level of scientific and technical expertise with the Christian compassion we are known for.  Kim Moix knows that firsthand. After working in the MRI department in Little Rock five years ago, she made the move to one of our outpatient imaging centers to further develop her career. She has been in health care for almost 20 years before joining Baptist Health, but we helped develop her interest in imaging and leading a staff by promoting her to the Outpatient Imaging Center Supervisor for two of our centers. “The outpatient imaging centers are a niche market,” Kim explained. You’re able to get a patient in quickly, usually before their appointment time. There’s no competition with the ER or other emergent situations that can get the hospital behind. We have a strict schedule at the outpatient centers and we stick to that so when patients have an appointment that ends at 2 o’clock, it will end at 2 o’clock.  Kim and her team work to provide reliability for all our outpatient centers, which has been hugely appreciated by our patients.  We know the patient has other things to do and having a medical test isn’t something they really look forward to, so we make it as quick and painless as possible. Kim is also well-versed on being on the flip side of the imaging center. Before she had fully committed to a major in college, her father had experienced a mysterious illness. Thanks to the imaging process the hospital used, her father’s technicians were able to diagnosis his very rare condition and help him back on his path to wellness.  Her experience is mirrored in almost every area of the outpatient center. She’s been alongside a patient, worried at the bedside; she’s been a scanning technologist, and frequently jumps in alongside her employees when things get busy; and now, she’s a supervisor, and leading two centers full of people she cares about.  I was in their shoes for 19 years. I have total respect for my techs, so I always listen to them, and I always hope they know I have their back. I’m always going to bat for them.  In addition to leading her team, Kim’s position also enables her to take on more responsibilities.  I make sure my modalities have the proper staffing and that all of my patients are satisfied. I deal with issues with patients being unhappy; I’m always there to listen and try to make things better. I’m more in the background, running reports on my computer, but I’m also a scanning technologist. I do whatever needs to be done.  But at the end of the day, Kim is happy to enjoy her free time with her husband and daughter. As both she and her husband work in the medical field, they acknowledge that their downtime is precious and important.  Thankfully, with Baptist Health, she’s able to take that time to enjoy the rest of her life because of our great work-life balance. Are you interested in joining a reliable work environment like one of our outpatient centers? Visit our open positions and apply today!

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