The Journey to Baptist Health

Baptist Health, for some, is a place they've called home early on. Whether they were born here, their parents met here, or they completed schooling here. For a few, Baptist Health was initially never a path for them, but they found a career home here anyway. The stories are different but the destination is the same. Halee Jones is a Pre-Op Nurse on the weekends. She says that her journey to Baptist Health was an easy one. It was an easy process. Even when I moved to Minnesota, I knew I wanted to come back to Arkansas and Baptist Health. So when I finally did move back, I only looked at Baptist Health, because that's the only place I wanted to be. The Pre-Op Nurse believes her choice to stay with Baptist Health is definite. She loves the faith-based culture and the staff she calls family. Clinical Pharmacist Emily Middlebrooks, much like Halee, had a run-in with Baptist Health before making it her permanent career home. I used to be a manager for a CVS Pharmacy. I was able to work at Baptist Health as a student while I was in pharmacy school, and I've always loved the pharmacists that I got to work with and learn from. I was anxious to come back to Arkansas and try to see if I could make a permanent move here. My husband and I moved to Virginia while he went to law school, so that's where I started my pharmacy career--but after two years, we were able to come back. Erin Waddell, our Patient Care Tech/Information Associate, had no experience with Baptist Health at all. She just knew her interest was in healthcare. I was interested in the medical care field, and I realized that starting out as a Patient Care Technician would be the best way to explore that interest. I wanted to see it for myself and decide if this was really what I wanted to do with my life, and it absolutely is. No matter the path to Baptist Health, the end of the journey is always rewarding. We want to invite you to our career site to find the opportunity that's right for you. Join the team today!

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