The Ideals of Lori Stocks, RN

Look outside. If the sun’s out, so is Lori Stocks, one of our fantastic RNs. She loves spending time with her husband and their pets, and enjoying the fantastic Arkansas weather whenever it comes by. It’s one of the many aspects that Lori uses to stay grounded in a demanding health care role. Another important value for Lori Stocks? Her Baptist faith. “I’m a practicing Baptist,” Lori shared. “And that was a big draw for me to join the Baptist Health team when I was first starting my career.” She’s been with us from the start, even graduating from our acclaimed Baptist Health School of Nursing in Little Rock! Having that time with us made Lori appreciate what we stood for, and how we could provide a great foundation for her career: I thought it would be a great place to start a career and grow. I know a lot of people who have started their careers at Baptist Health and have stayed there for many years, and that’s a pretty great sign for a place of work. And you can see that the employees treat each other and the patients very well, and that’s important to me. Lori herself is a major component of providing that great patient care. She balances her duties between two floors: the high-observation unit and the progressive unit. She can go from demonstrating ventilator control with critically-ill patients to filling out forms on the second floor. But to her, there’s something special about what we can offer our patients: Technical knowledge and compassion go hand-in-hand with the work we do here. I think that there’s a mind-body-spirit aspect to working here, and Baptist Health is great about incorporating a spiritual aspect to our physical care here. If you provide just physical care by itself, if you’re not kind and respectful in addition to that physical care, I believe you’re not being quite as effective with your patient. It really makes a difference. You can be kind and understanding and empathetic, along with being knowledgeable and doing your job well. Those ideals are what makes the difference between Baptist Health and other health care facilities. Our people understand that there are three approaches to care: mind, body, and spirit. The knowledge that your fellow teammates are doing whatever they can for the patient is what can keep a stressful situation from escalating, and your work life to go from worrying to comforting. I work with phenomenal nurses that are not only well-educated but are great patient advocates. We’re actually friends here. I got off work this morning and a friend of mine was running late because she was going to call a physician, and we waited with her to see that she didn’t need anything else. When you’re a new grad or still relatively new to the scene, it’s a very comforting notion because you know you’re not alone. I know that even though it can be stressful or hectic, I never feel like I’m by myself when I’m there. I always have someone who can help me take care of my patients. The people that I work with are what keep me here. What are your ideals as a Baptist Health advocate? Complete an application via our Careers Site and tell us what you can do to help provide the best care for patients of Arkansas.

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