The Heart of the Matter with Chyna Bolton

Helping has been a key part of Chyna Bolton’s life since 1999. She began her health care career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, where she gained years of bedside experience to fill out her repertoire. But five years ago, Chyna began to look for something different. “Opportunity is what made me want to come over to Baptist Health,” she explained. She wanted to work in a different kind of setting, somewhere she could gain new skills and learn something new every day. That is exactly what she found in 2A. Known as a “unique unit,” 2A handles many kinds of patient needs. Here, there have been no shortages of opportunities to learn. So much so that Chyna was able to receive Monitor Technician certification as part of her career with us. “There was an opportunity for me to learn,” she recalled, “so I took it.” It was a three-day course to be certified and check off for the cardiac monitor, and I made sure I learned everything I could. She even pursues additional educational opportunities outside of work. When she’s not spending time with her two teenagers, you can find Chyna curled up next to her laptop, reading about various medical fields and advancements to pursue in the future. That kind of dedication to growth is exactly what we love to see out of our Baptist Health people. Our greatest asset is our team, so having them operate at the highest level is how we are able to treat our patients at the highest level. “To me, I just enjoy being here as a person who helps patients,” Chyna continued. For a job in health care, it has to be something you’re willing to do. There are tough situations that you’re going to go through, but that’s just the field. If you don’t take things personally and do the best you can, you’ll do well here. Awesome Information Associates, like Chyna, are trusted to provide the best they can with admits, discharges, and most importantly, communication between nurses and staff on the floor they work on. According to Chyna, clear communication and prioritizing is the way forward. When everyone is on the same page, it’s easier to find the common goal: comprehensive and compassionate patient care. It’s even easier when you have a tight-knit unit like 2A. “We’re a team,” Chyna reiterated. “We’re a family, so we have a lot of support and teaching for our whole unit.” Are you interested in getting to the heart of the matter and providing superb patient care? Visit our open positions page and see if Baptist Health has the team for you!

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