The Day-To-Day of a Baptist Health Nurse

If you've been researching nursing careers with us here at Baptist Health, we've just made your process a little less tedious. We have quite a few fantastic nurses on our team that sat down to speak with us about what their job is like on a day-to-day basis.Each nurse's journey to their career home was a little different from the next. Some graduated from our school, while others came from various facilities in search of something new and exciting.The day-to-day work life of our nurses is never the same. Here’s what it likes for a few of our people!Donna Johnston is a Certified Heart Failure Nurse with us. She says that her day-to-day consists mostly of working with chronically-ill patients.My specialty is heart failure, and I enjoy working with that because I have a lot of knowledge based around it. I counsel patients about what heart failure means for them and how they can still lead a full and productive life, even with their diagnosis of heart failure. I work with their questions and what limitations are, as well as make sure they go to their doctor's appointments and how they manage a low-sodium diet.Amanda Baxter, on the other hand, joined us initially as a CCT and switched to being a Registered Nurse when she completed school. What keeps her at Baptist Health is the culture of the unit she's a part of. I love the culture here, especially at the CVRU--the Cardiovascular Recovery Unit. We help prep and recover Cath Lab patient and outpatient procedures, and we're also in the same area as a Pre-Op. All of our nurses in that area are so supportive. Everyone looks out for each other and makes sure we're all taken care of and not drowning.Speaking of Pre-Op, Halee Jones is a Pre-Op Nurse. She says that her job goes beyond caring for the physical well-being of her patients-- she also cares for their mental well-being. We try to go above and beyond every time. The patients I see are about to go into surgery, so a lot of them are really nervous--even scared if they haven't had surgery before. So we care for them and their families. A lot of people can overlook them and forget that the family is as scared as the patient is.If you're still interested in becoming a nurse with Baptist Health, Amanda Baxter says she understands feeling intimidated by the environment and overwhelmed by the new information, but she's got advice for you!If you're coming to our facility, you will have the confidence of knowing that your peers and your preceptors are going to help you out. You're going to learn how to be a nurse once you get here. You'll get the education and skills that you need, and you'll learn about the teamwork our facility has. No matter what you're experiencing, you're never going to be alone.Do you still feel excited about joining the team? Check out what nursing jobs we have available and apply now!

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