The Baptist Health Connection with Bobbi Walker

Thirty-six years ago, Bobbi Walker was a nurse at another health facility. But when one of her relatives fell ill, she left her job to care for her family member full-time. Unfortunately, during the course of that treatment, Bobbi herself became ill and was rushed to Baptist Health’s Emergency Room, where she found a new kind of family. “I was so impressed with the way they treated people and the small-town feel of the place,” Bobbi recalled. “When I got better, I knew I had to apply! I started as an ARN III, and I’ve been here for thirty years and counting.” Bobbi excelled in our Arkadelphia Emergency Room, using her ER and ICU experience to quickly acclimate to her new position with ease. Just six weeks later, Bobbi was promoted, and her career began its climb towards her current position as the Emergency Room, Medical Surgical Floor, and ICU Department Manager. “Personally, I am responsible for all the staffing and scheduling and the daily functions of the Emergency Room, Medical Surgical Floor, and the ICU. I’m running around all the time, busy all day long,” she chuckled fondly. Having that hand in staffing has made Bobbi a certified expert in picking out top talent for her team. If you’re considering a career with Baptist Health, consider Bobbi’s advice and get motivated for your future: If I hire someone for the ER, I want them to be cross-trained in the ICU. We want people to learn as much as they can. But honesty is also a big part of what I look for in a candidate. I want someone who can look me in the eye and talk to me with confidence but know that some things you learn as you go. I have a really, really good, strong crew here. I’ve been lucky. I’m quite proud of everyone. To this day, Bobbi still feels the small-town charm that first drew her to Arkadelphia. We’re the biggest health system in the state, and Arkadelphia itself is known to get top quality health care around its area, so that was an opening incentive. But it has a family atmosphere that makes it special here. We cover each other if one of us has something like a family emergency or needs time off, so people do whatever they need for their coworkers.We’re all family. But when she’s not running around the halls with her Baptist Health family, she’s running around the garden with her three grandchildren. Her life is balanced, and she’s able to provide the same amazing care she received when she was a Baptist Health patient herself. Does a tight-knit team and a terrific set of leaders appeal to you? Visit our open positions page and see if we have an opportunity for your career at Baptist Health!

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