Sticking with Baptist Health

Finding a career home and staying there speaks volumes of both employees and the organizations they power. What keeps people coming back to Baptist Health every day varies from person to person, but we sat down with a few of our staff members to talk to them about what makes them stick with Baptist Health. Bobbi Walker has been with us for 30 years managing the Medical, Surgical, and Emergency departments. When asked what made her stay with Baptist Health, her answer was simple. I like the small-town feel. We're the biggest health system in the state, and Arkadelphia itself is known to get top quality health care around its area, so that was an opening draw. But it has a family atmosphere that makes it special here. We're all family. Registered Respiratory Therapist Christi Beard agreed and said the close-knit feel of Baptist Health is what kept her coming back to us every day. It's a small hospital, so I have time to slow down and make sure that all of my patients are educated about what we are doing with them. I like to teach them more about their disease process and how they can get better or manage their health. LPN David Barnes started with us in 1984 at the Arkadelphia hospital immediately out of school, where his director offered him a position in the nursery. Taking the job was an easy decision, but his decision to stay has to do with more than just his job duties. I moved up in the Little Rock area, where Baptist is based out of, and their values and mission and what they believe in made me stick around. I felt like, since the beginning, I've known their values, and it made me want to be a part of that. Being faith-based is a big part of it to me; they encourage us to share the faith with patients. They're in the most difficult times, so they need that to show that we support them. It's definitely a healing ministry, and having that in a workplace is important to me.Our goal here at Baptist Health is to help you better the community as long as possible. We strive to offer the best in terms of career growth, continuing education, benefits, and culture. Don't forget to visit our career site and join the team today!

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