Sarah Volgas’ Pharmacy Proficiency

Baptist Health Little Rock, as one can imagine, has a great number of people that work to help the people of Arkansas with their health care journey. Sarah Volgas is one of those amazing people. Her role of the Clinical Pharmacist puts her in the heart of the pharmacy department. It was the same location she first experienced the hands-on pharmaceutical world in her early days as a Pharmacy Resident. “I started at Baptist Health immediately after pharmacy school, and I decided to stay on in the pharmacy here because I enjoyed it so much,” Sarah explained. What Sarah truly enjoyed was the fellowship between each member of the health care team. The pharmacy department works together really well. We have a large department here, and we have a large patient volume as well. But we always help each other out whenever we can and make sure our area is taken care of. Not only was her immediate team in the pharmacy so welcoming, but Sarah found that the Baptist Health technique of health care put her in an incredibly unique position as a Pharmacist. I really think that the pharmacists here are able to work at the top of their license, as opposed to other health care facilities. Our pharmacists are consulted by physicians to manage different drug therapies, and it gives us the authority to adjust doses and order labs, and really dial into that aspect of patient care. Because, at the end of the day, Sarah knows what our goal at Baptist Health really is. “We have a culture of putting the patient first,” she remarked. “That’s one thing that we always make sure we’re doing: focusing on the patient and putting the other minutiae away.” Sarah’s objective is the same as all of our employees: she wants to leave Baptist Health knowing that she left the world in a better place because of her actions. With the help of our expansive pharmacy responsibilities and dedicated team members, she’s doing just that every single day. Are you a new pharmacy grad looking for a place to grow? Visit our open positions page and see if you can learn from a knowledgeable mentor like Sarah!

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