Rewarding Experiences with Baptist Health

Working at Baptist Health is a rewarding experience for all who choose to be a part of our organization and vision. Whether you're an Office Representative or manage a department, the memories made here will be priceless.Nina Daniel is a Clinic Office Representative and has been with us for nine incredible years. She says part of the reason she stayed was our benefits paired with the fact that her husband and his father--a doctor--made such an impact on the community. "I feel like I can reach out to the community," she says. "Everyone loved Dr. Avery. A lot of patients relate to him, and I feel like I'm an asset to them." Nina's most memorable patient interaction was actually with her husband. A month-and-a-half ago, he kept coughing and coughing and coughing, and he came into our clinic. Our Nurse Practitioner decided to give him a chest X-ray, and we found out he had lung cancer. He had been going to the cardiologist and another PCP at other places, and no one had ever done an X-ray. I just praise her for her dedication to her patients. None of the other doctors have that care and compassion to him, but our providers do. They're marvelous.Clinical staff members aren't the only ones to touch the lives of patients. Lakesha is a Social Worker with us and has been helping us serve the community for four years. She got her with her passion for Home Health in high school but worked as a therapist for children before she occupied the Social Worker position. "One day, I applied for Home Health and Hospice, and I didn't realize I would be working directly in the homes and doing exactly what I wanted to do when I was younger," she says.Her most memorable patient memory took place not too long before she spoke with us. I met one patient a couple of weeks ago. She does need to be in a home facility, and she recognized that immediately. I walked in her door and asked her how she was doing, and she immediately started crying and saying, “I need help, I need help, I'll do whatever it is that works for me.” She's been working very hard with us to get her everything she needs in her new facility. She's one of my favorite patients that I look after.Occasionally our members become our patients, and this holds true for Samantha Monroe. She's an RN Clinical Project Leader for the EPIC Inpatient Documentation Team."I call the entirety of Baptist Health the family outside of my family." Samantha says. And like a family, those very people took care of her in her time of need.I was a patient here myself when I had my daughter. I was very ill, and she was a NICU baby at 3 pounds, so I experienced the Women and Children's' facility as a sick, post-partum mother. My baby was taken care of for months here, and that drove it home for me. I care for my patients but being in their shoes was a completely different view for me.Working at Baptist Health means making memories that last a lifetime. Are you ready? Take a look at our career site and see which opportunity is right for you!

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