Our Advice to New Hires

If you’re looking to work at an organization that will provide you a rewarding experience, Baptist Health definitely has you covered. Working at Baptist Health poses a healthy challenge and stellar benefits, and our staff members have a few words of advice for you! Meagan Mann has been with us as a Patient Rep Scheduler for 5 years. She describes our environment as a “great company to work for because you can start anywhere and work your way up through the company.” We are dedicated to helping staff members meet their goals, but according to Megan, there are a few things to keep in mind. My advice for anyone that wants to start a career with Baptist Health is to not worry about your experience. You may not have experience with healthcare or another aspect of the job, but they’ll train you and work with you. Just because you may not have a medical background, doesn’t mean Baptist Health doesn’t want to work with you. Here at Baptist Health, we strive to foster an environment that thrives on collaboration and communication, and Jennifer Dickerson helps us do just that. Jennifer has been with us at Baptist Health for 19 years as a System Analyst for Hospital Billing Cycle in the Information Systems Department. Her role is to help the business office with its billing package, in addition to filing extractions and fixing any issues that come up. Because of the duties her position entails, communication is important. You have to be open to people and understand where they are coming from. You may speak different languages of Baptist Health, since they may see something different on their side, but figuring out how you can get on the same wavelength is important. Josh Odom, on the other hand, comes from the System Analyst II position for our EPIC Project Billings team. He says his growing department “feels like family,” even after just two years with Baptist Health. Josh’s advice for new hires is to stay and be observant. I recommend working at Baptist Health. There’s not a lot of turnover—the reason people leave is usually because they retire. My advice is to observe when you come in and sense the culture. We’ve not the largest healthcare system by coincidence; there’s a reason we continue to grow. If you’re ready to learn and grow your career, find your new home with us. Check out our available positions!

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