Nursing with Baptist Health

Being a nurse at Baptist Health means being at the forefront of our mission in improving the health status of our community. The challenge that nursing poses isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for it, the rewards are endless. Janell Davis has been an RN with us at Baptist Health for 5 years. “I knew I would learn a lot if I came here so I took the job, and I haven’t looked back since!” she says. This experienced Registered Nurse intends to go back to school for her master’s degree, but she isn’t doing it alone—we’re here to help. Here at Baptist Health, we encourage employees to grow and further their education, and through us, it’s possible. Tuition reimbursement includes great options for their full-time and weekend-option staff, like myself. They will give you five thousand dollars a year, which is really good if you’re pursuing your bachelor’s degree, and it’s a great help with other degrees as well. My boss has also been very accommodating with my needs. She’ll do whatever she can to work with what you need. I’ve switched on and off weekend options as I figured out which worked best for the clinical rotations I needed for my master’s, and she’s helped me with that. Some of our nurses attended the Baptist School of Nursing in Little Rock and decided to stay with us for the duration of their career journeys. Lori Stocks has been an RN with us for over a year and says that our values are what encouraged her to stay. I attended the Baptist School of Nursing in Little Rock. I really appreciated the values that they stood for, and I thought it would be a great place to start a career and grow. I know a lot of people that have started their careers at Baptist Health and have stayed there for many years, and that’s a pretty great sign for a place to work. I’ve noticed that the employees treat each other and the patients very well. It’s a Christian hospital, and being a practicing Baptist, that was a big draw for me. Working at Baptist Health is also a learning experience for all the nurses who choose to work here. Lindsey Mitchell has been with us since 2007 and has had a hand in setting up our Conway location. She says that she’s learned a lot, but the biggest lesson she’s learned is about taking care of her patients. Don’t take anything for granted. Something that you think will always be there might not be there, and it can make or break your performance with taking care of a patient. If you think you’re ready to take the plunge with Baptist Health, don’t forget to check out our careers site and see what opportunities we have available for you!

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