North Little Rock’s Amanda Baxter, RN

Amanda Baxter has been with us at Baptist Health since 2009. Since her arrival as a Certified Care Technician, she’s been striving to become better every single day. It wasn’t long before Amanda found her calling as a RN, and she was pleased to study nursing while exemplifying the best of Baptist Health as Patient Care Tech (PCT). In a conversation with us, we asked Amanda why she chose health care as her career all those years ago. After a brief pause, she replied: When I was in school, just being able to take care of patients and looking at them as a person and not a diagnosis came naturally to me. I liked being able to connect with the patient and figuring out what they really needed as an individual. Fostering that real bond with her patients is what she does every day in her role as RN in our North Little Rock location. Although it’s just a short distance away from our main Little Rock hospital, Amanda says the smaller hospital feel is what she enjoys most about coming to work. At North Little Rock, I really feel that the nurses and staff really work well together. It is a small hospital, so we all know each other and help each other out. There’s a sense of family there that I really appreciate. But while the hospital may feel cozy, there are virtually endless options for care that North Little Rock is able to do. A lot of other small hospitals aren’t able to offer all the kinds of services we do. It’s a well-balanced medical service for our patients. Most of the things our patients need can be treated right there in our hospital, so we only have to transfer them in very acute cases. Those acute cases may send chills going down the arms of less-experienced health care professionals, but Amanda had this advice for new nurses: It can be very scary when you come out of nursing school. You’re so overwhelmed with all this information and you don’t feel comfortable with it yet, but if you’re coming to our facility, you will have the confidence to know that your peers and your preceptors are going to help you out. You’re going to learn how to be a nurse once you’re here. You’ll get the education and skills that you need, you’ll be taught about our policies and procedures, and you’ll learn about the teamwork our facility has. No matter what you’re experiencing, you’re never going to be alone. After all, that’s what families are for! Be sure to visit our Career Site to learn more about nursing within Baptist Health. With numerous educational opportunities and departments to learn from, there’s no limit to where your career can go with us.

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