Nina Daniel’s Unique Home at Baptist Health

“I moved from Houston to Arkadelphia just over nine years ago,” Nina began.As if by magic, we had a great opportunity for her within Baptist Health that had just become available. She started as a Receptionist, but after a time she made the transition to the Prescott location, our fantastic rural clinic just outside of Arkadelphia.The atmosphere of the rural location was instantly appealing to her.You’ll learn something new every day here. You’ll see different people from different parts of the state, and their backgrounds are very unique. There are a lot of folks around the Prescott area who do not know how to read, do not know how to write, and you’re there to help them with their health needs to the best of your ability. They feel comfortable coming into a smaller clinic, but just because we’re small, it doesn’t mean we don’t have the professionalism from our providers. I mean, they’re top-notch, and that what makes everything so special for us. “Top-notch” providers who sincerely care for their patients are what’s kept Nina in the Baptist Health family for nearly ten years now. In fact, it’s that attention to care that affected her own family’s health journey just two months ago.My husband kept coughing, coughing, coughing, and he came into our clinic. Our Nurse Practitioner decided to give him a chest X-ray, and we found out he had lung cancer. He had been going to the cardiologist and another PCP at other places, and no one had ever done an X-ray. I just praise her for her dedication to her patients. None of the other doctors gave that care and compassion to him, but our providers did. They’re marvelous. “I feel like my husband fell through the cracks,” Nina continued, “but having caring providers like the ones in Prescott make the difference.”In her position as a Clinic Office Representative, Nina endeavors to do the very same thing for the patients she encounters. Thankfully, being in tune with the local community comes easy to her.Working with the patients is really important to me. The man I married, his father was a doctor in Prescott so many years ago, and my husband was born and raised here. I feel like I can reach out to the community easily because everyone loved Dr. Avery. A lot of patients relate to him, and I feel like I’m an asset to them. Nina certainly is an asset: to her community and Baptist Health. Because when you work with a place like us, they’re one in the same.

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