Looking Around for Stacey Davis

Where was Stacey Davis twenty-four years ago? Well, as Stacey explained herself, she was working in a job that just didn’t feel quite right. “I was working in a factory at the time,” she noted. I recall looking around at all the folks that I would see come into work with me, and . . . no one seemed to be excited. No one was enjoying the work, myself included. So, I decided to try a different avenue and find a place where I’d be excited to come into work every day. And most of all, I wanted to care for people, so healthcare was my answer. Stacey made the strong move to go into healthcare, arriving on the outpatient services scene as an LPN. But she wanted to learn and grow, so shortly after that position, Stacey decided to join the army and serve her country. “I worked in a big hospital in DC for four years,” she remembered. But as I’m sure many of our people can relate to, Stacey was an Arkansas citizen at heart. I was trying to slowly make my way back home. I worked with a few other Arkansas hospitals, but I was never truly satisfied with the environments I was in. I didn’t feel like they had that team-focused atmosphere. And, lo and behold, I found a great job at Baptist Health posting in outpatient services. It was my first encounter in healthcare, and I loved it, so I jumped on the opportunity and I haven’t looked back since. I’m so pleased to work for an organization that is truly team-oriented. We’re a family here, and we take care of each other. The inclusive, welcoming atmosphere is what mirrors Stacey’s personal belief system. In her opinion, the best way to live is to follow the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have it done to you. That simple lesson is what’s taken her nursing career to new heights at Baptist Health. There are so many options you can take in the field of nursing, and if you enjoy people and are a people-person, there are endless opportunities for you here. I’ve worked in various positions in nursing over the course of a few years, but bedside nursing has always been my thing. I’ve always enjoyed caring for people, and really, I follow the Golden Rule. It’s taken me to this career, and it’s better than I could have ever asked for. Today, Stacey sees nothing but excited faces around here in the outpatient services department. “I get to see so many different people every day, and that’s what keeps it interesting for me,” she shared happily. I get to ease the anxiety that some folks feel when they come through the door. I find enjoyment in bringing a smile to someone’s face, where initially they were fearful. And I get to do that every day at Baptist Health. It’s a small community hospital that I work at, but we definitely give a lot back to our community. I do have a few people that I’ll see regularly, and they’ll remember me, and I remember them, and it just makes for a great interaction. What faces do you see when you go into work? Join Baptist Health to find a career that fulfills your needs as well as the patients’.

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