Let’s Talk Flexibility with Jesika Sacomani

No two days at Baptist Health are the same. Our patients change, the problems change, and even you, as a person, can change! Jesika Sacomani surfs seamlessly through the waves of change in her position as an RN Flex at the Eye Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Like many health care establishments, Baptist Health encompasses not only our main hospital, but various outlying facilities. The Eye Center has the chance to work together in closer quarters while still representing the very best of what Baptist Health has to offer. Jesika has been working under the umbrella of Baptist Health for over five years now. “I went over to the main operating room in Baptist Health in 2013,” she explains. “I was looking for something in the nursing field that was not in a clinic setting.” We knew just what to offer her. Working in Little Rock’s Eye Center hasn’t limited what she’s able to accomplish as a Resident Nurse. I do the same as I what I did before; pre-op’ing patients, getting them ready for surgeries. Because we take calls over here, I work both sides of the room, pre-op and PACU. That’s different from when I originally worked in the main OR, where I only dealt with PACU. The added responsibilities help split up the monotony of a normal job, and Jesika is happy in her Flex position and endeavors to continue in that capacity in the future. Working specifically with the Eye Center has taught her the vitality of eyesight and just how much we rely on it every day. “Working over here, it’s different than working in the main OR,” she remarks. “People are very particular about their eyesight and it’s important to everybody.” Jesika describes an average injury the Eye Center encounters: a detached retina. We all know how horrifying and sudden these injuries can be, but we have the resources to comfort their potentially frightened clientele. When someone comes in with a detached retina, they had eyesight and now they don’t, so you’re working to restore that. It’s incredibly rewarding. Typically, detached retinas happen spontaneously, so you go from thinking everything is great to waking up in the morning and starting to notice something is off. Within a couple of hours the retina can roll down and people can lose half their vision. People are very grateful that you’re there to take care of them, especially if it’s an add-on appointment or on the weekends. It’s gratifying to know you helped somebody. And to Jesika, it’s gratifying to know that her managers look out for her as much as she looks after her patients. Our manager, Becky, interacts well with the staff. She’s easy to talk to, easy to approach. In the grand scheme of things, the Eye Center is an island. We are by ourselves, so we do a lot of teamwork and brainstorming internally. If we have a problem over here, we can typically work it out amongst ourselves and come up with a solution for the problem. Any interaction we have with the hospital has been good, but we typically handle our problems inside our facility. Are you looking for a more concentrated health care environment? The Eye Center in Little Rock may just be the welcome reprieve you need. “It’s a great hospital and a great facility,” Jesika affirms. “I’ve been very pleased since coming here. I would encourage everyone to look into it and really think about joining Baptist Health.” Learn more at our career site and apply today!

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