Josh Odom and Baptist Health

Three years ago, Josh Odom was working in a health care facility in Tyler, Texas. It was a small unit, and it had been fine for a while, but Josh was looking for somewhere to really extend his reach. The answer? Baptist Health in Little Rock. “I did a lot of research,” Josh shared. “They had a great reputation and opportunities to learn, so I decided to go for it.” Today, Josh is part of our EPIC Project Billings team in his role as a Systems Analyst II. “We work with the revenue cycle team and we do everything from patient access to billing, where patients get statements or set up financial payment plans,” he explained. Thankfully, the transition wasn’t particularly trying for Josh, as his new team in Arkansas still embodied the small-town feel of Tyler, Texas. We’re very close-knit. We’re very family-based and we work well together. I’ve not been part of a team like this before, it’s really great. We all have mutual respect for each other and care about the common goal: our patients. We do have the patients at heart. In fact, the patients are what first drew Josh to find his passion for information systems. He started his career by checking in patients at the front desk of an oncology clinic, and he was able to forge personal relationships with his visitors and observe the benefits of working with technology. I always found the people who would tweak the system and streamline processes fascinating, so that became a goal of mine to go from patient care to behind-the-scenes patient care by working on the analytical side. For Josh and his team, it’s imperative to make the process for our patients as stress-free as possible. Many times, our patients are going through difficult health crises, so having an ease of access and transparent facilities is the main focus of the analytics team. “If the end users of our systems are taken care of, our patients are taken care of,” Josh said. Those goals can easily be accomplished when you have team members like Josh and his manager. Our manager is one of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She has her hands in everything from the revenue cycle to our data integration team. She’s really been a role model for me. She’s in tune with every single person and their project needs or if we need help; she makes sure to reach out to whoever she needs to do to help you. Teamwork is a vital part of what makes Baptist Health great. Having trust and respect for your coworkers makes it easy for our employees to ask questions, learn, and grow in their roles. We pride ourselves in our welcoming culture, and Josh himself is a major advocate of how we operate. Everyone in our department—which is probably around 200 people and growing—feels like family. We all seem to jive pretty well, all along with the various positions we all hold. Coming to work feels like coming home. You don’t need to take our word for it. Apply to Baptist Health today and see our spirit for yourself!

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