Janet Noel’s ARN Journey

We pride ourselves for our employees’ long tenures with Baptist Health. Seeing so many amazing health care providers like Janet Noel stay for ten, twenty, thirty years is proof that they’ve made our facilities their home. They’ve realized that when you come to Baptist Health, you can Keep On Amazing without limits. Janet Noel is the poster woman for that concept. This year marks her thirty-second year of employment with us, and she knew this was the place for her long before she showed up for her first day. “The work at my previous health care job wasn’t very challenging,” Janet recalled. “Many of the challenging cases got transferred elsewhere, so I phased out of my job there and went where I was challenged instead.” Thankfully, while Janet had the opportunity to cultivate her expertise with more demanding cases, the onboarding process with us never made her feel like she was learning everything on her own. “I was a Nurse’s Aide when I first started, and I was still in nursing school,” Janet continued. My first preceptor on 7B was really great to me. She guided me through everything and supported me. I think nurses on the floor develop this sixth sense. She had good nursing sense that I feel like she might have passed on to me. And Janet stayed on at 7B after graduating from nursing school, showing that team loyalty that she would later be known for. But as much as she enjoyed the team, challenges were what inspired her to go to work every day, and she found she was drawn to the critical care team at Baptist Health. Twenty more years went by. Still fostering that adamant need to grow, Janet made her next transfer to CPRU, where she’s been for the last decade. Years of education and experience has made her an ARN III, but there are so many more places she could explore during her career. “Nursing, in general, is great with being able to move around and do different things,” Janet pointed out, “and Baptist Health has had no problems with my growth.” But the real reason Janet has remained part of the Baptist Health family is not because of significant career opportunities; it’s because of the people and what we stand for. I’ve had really great people on every team that I’ve worked with at Baptist Health. I’ve had a lot of support from coworkers that have become life-long friends. And I really appreciate that Baptist Health is a faith-based hospital. I knew if I came here, I would be understood, and it really aligns with my personal values.

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