Halee Jones Is Around the Best People

Her words, not ours! When we sat down for a conversation with Halee Jones, Pre-Op Nurse, the first thing we noticed was her exuberance for the Baptist Health team. “I know the physicians and nurses working at Baptist Health,” she said. “I know their standard.” Being a nurse can be extremely hard, but it’s who you’re surrounded by that really makes the difference. Whenever I am with Baptist Health, I am always around the best people. I always knew that’s where I was meant to be. Life took Halee to Minnesota for a brief time, but she knew her place was meant to be in Arkansas and within Baptist Health. “When I finally did move back,” she shared, “I only looked at Baptist Health, because that was the only place I wanted to be.” So what makes our teams so special? According to Halee, it’s how we go above and beyond “every time.” The patients I see are about to go into surgery, so a lot of them are really nervous—even scared if they haven’t had surgery before. So we care for them and their family. A lot of people can overlook them and forget that the family is as scared as the patient is. I like to go above and beyond every time and do whatever I can to make them feel comfortable because it is really scary for them. I try to keep them calm and do my best. Just recently, Halee encountered a young girl who was facing her first surgery ever. Not only was she scared, but her mother was beyond distraught. I went over to talk with her because I’m a mom, too, and I understood her pain. I knew it was part of my job to talk with her out in the waiting room, give her updates about her daughter, and just do everything in my power to make sure everything was going okay. Simple, compassionate gestures are the backbone of life at Baptist Health. When you enter our doors, you’re a member of our family, and we are here to support you. It’s what makes us different, and it’s what makes Halee so happy to be here. “There’s no question about choosing Baptist Health,” she said. Our culture is great—we’re very Christian-based, and that’s what I love about it. We get nurses and physicians that pray with the patients’ families before they go to surgery, and to me, that’s a huge statement. It’s all about the people I’m surrounded by here. We’re all the same. We’re happy to be at Baptist Health and we love our jobs. People say, ‘You’re just so happy!’ and to us, it’s just second-nature because we love what we do. It’s an easy decision to come here. So make that easy decision and apply to be part of the Baptist Health family today! We know you’ll love working alongside brilliant nurses like Halee.

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