Getting Educated With Baptist Health

We believe that to grow as a facility, our health education has to be at the forefront of our mission. To do that, we provide continuing education opportunities that enable us to teach our staff members how to give the most compassionate and innovative patient care possible. Our continuing education programs are just one of many ways in which we aim to better you as a healthcare specialist.David Barnes is an LPN and has been with us for 24 rewarding years in Little Rock. Our values and mission are what he says made him stick with us for his career journey, but our continuing education is what wowed him. I have gone through courses like the client care project to learn more. I was transitioning from the nursery to the next phase in my career, and my manager knew it was a great opportunity for me. She saw I had something else to offer, so I started working in the client care unit in Arkadelphia. It helped me to better understand the things I look at every day and get a good foundation. I work in critical care now, but I still look back at what I learned in that course to help me care for our patients better. Over the years, I've had refresher courses, but overall that piece of education in itself prepared me for so much that I use over the years.Here at Baptist Health, we make sure our staff members have the tools they need to improve the health status of the community. "The education seems to be a step beyond others and constantly wanting to excel," David says. "They invest in you. Every step of the way, I've met someone who has educated me and made my life a little bit better for the future." We intend to make sure that our Baptist Health team members serve as experts in their respective fields, so much so that our staff often has a hand in education our teams. Hillary Martin is a Lead Pharmacy Technician for Inpatient Pharmacy, and part of her duty is to educate others in her department. I act as a resource to other technicians about the daily tasks that we have. I also play a big role in the education and development training material for our technicians.Much like Hillary, part of our Nurse Manager, Carl's duties include making sure our nursing staff is knowledgeable. He says his role is exciting in that it is a broad role that covers more than just problem-solving.I am also responsible for communicating with and educating staff and working with others towards achieving system-wide strategic goals. I aspire to be the kind of manager that employees will trust, rely on, and one day refer to me as a positive influence in their lives.Baptist Health wants to give you the opportunity to grow with the organization. Browse the career site to learn about our continuing education programs today!

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