Getting Better with Cass Martin

Cass Martin was a member of a rockin’ band six years ago. Every Sunday, you could hear him sing out his praise in the hallowed halls of one of Little Rock’s Baptist churches. That community involvement was what ultimately led him to Baptist Health.“I was pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology, but I was also doing music at a local church,” Cass recalled.A leader at the church was a physician at Baptist Health, and I had a few conversations with him about getting my feet wet with health care. He was a radiologist there, and he couldn’t be prouder of it. He recommended for me to come here.Cass’ faith has never been far from his side. When he began his career in our pharmacy, he was struck by how integral faith was to our culture.It’s a big impact on life here at Baptist Health. We try to keep our faith at the forefront of everything that we do. Throughout the organization, we do things like read scripture and make it a welcoming environment for employees to discuss matters of faith. Having that environment for our employees also translates to the patient care aspect, as it lets us be able to freely take care of our patients the best way we know how, which is through our Christian compassion. Cass encompassed that compassion as he worked directly with the patients through the pharmacy department. He frequently spoke with patients about the medications they were taking or were considering taking in the future, and he strategized the best approaches to their individual care process.Our leaders saw his hard-working and kind spirit, and today, Cass is our Lead Pharmacy Technician. It’s his job to anticipate problems before the people of Baptist Health even know they exist:If our managers recognize that we have a potential drug shortage, or some logistical problem in the near future, they’ll come to me and ask for me to resolve it before it’s even a problem. It’s also part of my job to act as a resource to other technicians, so there’s better communication all around our department. It’s an important duty, but there’s more than a nice job title that keeps Cass working at Baptist Health.I think, for me, what sets it apart from other employers is the sense of family and camaraderie between me and my department. We really work hard to foster a trusting environment. When you come to work and know you can lean on your coworkers if you need to, it’s comforting. We’ve worked to make sure it’s okay to mess up sometimes. It’s a learning environment and you won’t be punished for mistakes; it’s a learning opportunity. It’s a great place for me to work because we get to lift each other up, and that kind of cooperation makes all of us better.Help us make the patients of Baptist Health better. Apply to one of our open positions today!

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