Finding the Best for Our People at Baptist Health

One of our goals at Baptist Health is providing the best for our people. What that looks like to each of our employees is something different.For Denny Pate, he enjoys the feeling of rolling out a new upgrade.The Information Systems team had a massive Epic system roll-out for our new facilities in Van Buren and Fort Smith last year,” Denny recalled.It was a new product for them, and it was a successful roll out. That was a major win. Anytime we’re able to provide major upgrades—where users are trained well and feel adjusted to the system—without a hitch is a definite “win” for us.But what about the patient side of Baptist Health? What can we do to provide the best for those employees?According to David Barnes, LPN II, it’s our teams and our commitment to continuing education that puts the pep in his step.There are many people here like that—people that want to see you develop and grow. That’s one of the things I can say about Baptist: the education seems to be a step beyond others and constantly wanting to excel. They invest in you. Every step of the way, I’ve met someone who has educated me and made my life a little bit better for the future. I feel well equipped in my job now because of the people who have helped me along the way. David himself was able to take courses related to his work with us, such as his client care project.I was transitioning from the nursery to my next phase, and my manager knew it was a great opportunity for me. She saw I had something else to offer, so I started working in the client care unit in Arkadelphia. It helped me to better understand the things I look at every day and get a good foundation. I work in critical care now, but I still look back at what I learned in that course to help me care for our patients better. Like many of our people, David was interested in learning and growing in his career. All of us at Baptist Health want to make sure you’re working and living at your highest potential, so we want to work with you to get what you need.Julie Nix, President of the Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute, knows that firsthand. Her job as a senior level executive is to find her employee’s passions and work with them.Anyone can come in and talk to me, from an Environmental Services worker to a frontline worker to a director. Everybody is welcome to bring ideas for improvement, because I do think that it’s your frontline people that can tell you what you really need to do to improve quality, patient satisfaction, and your financial bottom line. They’re the ones breathing it day in and day out, so their word is vital. As a good leader, you allow people to do what they do best. We know that true quality care comes from people who are happy with where they are. Are you ready to join a collaborative and inclusive team? View our open positions and apply now!

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