Family and Leadership At Baptist Health

Being in a leadership role here at Baptist Health is no easy task. Our leadership staff is comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, and it is shown through their work ethic. Their intelligence and dedication help them to conquer whatever challenges rear their heads. Michael Blasingame has been with us for 6 years and counting. He initially came on board as a Geriatric RN for the first 5 years of his tenure here at Baptist Health before a brand-new position opened up for the Nurse Manager. “You need patience to work in this field. It’s not an easy population to take care of, so you need to do what you can to work with them,” Michael says. He’s able to conquer the tasks and dilemmas that face him in his new position with the help of his team. “Team members” is the best way to describe it. We are on a team here. It’s multidisciplinary too; it’s not just nurses and managers, it’s Environmental Services, therapists. We all work together to serve the community. Communication is an integral component of what it takes to lead a team here at Baptist Health. Kim Moix has been the Outpatient Imaging Center Supervisor of two outpatient centers for three and a half years. My day-to-day responsibilities are to make sure my modalities have the proper staffing and that all of my patients are satisfied. I deal with issues with patients being unhappy; I’m always there to listen and try to make things better. I’m more in the background, running reports on my computer, but I’m also a scanning technologist, so if a tech needs me, I can go out there and do whatever needs to be done with them. Kim says that because she was in the shoes of her team for 19 years, she’s got the utmost respect for them. “I always listen to them, and I always hope they know I have their back. I’m always going to bat for them,” she continues. There is a sense of family amongst the Baptist Health staff, and the leadership only helps to further that notion. Samantha Monroe has been with us here at Baptist Health for 19 years. She’s an RN Clinical Project Leader for the EPIC Inpatient Documentation team. She says the new family she acquired here at Baptist Health is part of what motivates her to come in every day. The reason why I stayed here is because of the people. I call the entirety of Baptist Health the family outside of my family. Our missions and values, the Christian atmosphere--that’s what keeps me here. What makes the family atmosphere here at Baptist Health so incredible is the culture amongst the teams. Julie Nix is the VP and Administrator for the Baptist Health Rehab Institute and has been with us for 14 years. The culture is great in that there is a lot of tenure here. We recently had a Joint Commission review, and there was a large group of upper management gathered around the table. It was so impressive to go around and hear “I’ve been here 38 years,” “I’ve been here 14 years.” Even the Joint Commissioner said it was very, very rare for community hospitals to have that longevity, especially for something Baptist Health’s size. That speaks of the culture here at Baptist Health, in and of itself. If I go into a meeting where everyone is stressed, it’s refreshing and comforting that we open the discussion with a prayer. To have a culture that not only says it’s okay but promotes and encourages it sets a tone for the expectation of behaviors at Baptist Health. Are you ready to join a brilliant staff? Don’t forget to check out our career site to see what opportunities may be available for you!

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