Exploring New Areas with Erin Waddell

Erin Waddell has only been with us for a year and a half now, but she embodies the amazing values we cherish here at Baptist Health. “This is my first medical position,” she shared with us. “Although I did have previous experience as a Lab Tech and Packing Associate.” She had the healthcare itch, so to speak. She knew she loved to take care of people, and she wanted to dive in headfirst and make it part of her career. That decision ultimately led her to Baptist Health. I was interested in the medical care field, and I realized that starting out as a Patient Care Technician would be the best way to explore that interest. I wanted to see it for myself and decide if this was really what I wanted to do with my life--and it absolutely is. In her dual role as Patient Care Tech and Information Associate, Erin is able to learn innumerable lessons from her base inside Little Rock’s Extended Care Unit. “I love this hospital,” Erin remarked. “It’s big, but everyone is helpful here.” Great mentors are what Erin said helped her transition into a career she had never participated in before. Chris Cox has been an amazing mentor for me. He taught me pretty much everything there is to know about Baptist Health. I’ve learned to have so much more patience by working as a Patient Care Tech. You have to! You interact with so many patients who are ill—especially where I am. You have to be compassionate and have empathy for people, and working at Baptist Health has taught me that. It’s also taught me teamwork, which is important so we can help all our people. But the lesson Erin learned immediately was that healthcare was the future of her career. “I’ve just started nursing school. I’ve also worked with their tuition reimbursement program we have at Baptist Health, and that’s been amazing for me,” she said. Being at Baptist Health means I’m furthering my knowledge every day. Working alongside these great nurses makes me realize I learn so much from them that I’ll take with me on my own nursing career. So to all those people who are considering a healthcare career, like Erin from two years ago, listen to these comforting pieces of advice from a woman well on her way to her nursing degree: We have a very positive environment here. I’ve never been scared to ask for help. I know that people who are joining with no medical field experience is scary, and you don’t want to ask about problems because you’re afraid of being judged. But that’s not the case at Baptist Health: they genuinely care about their patients, so they want you to do well so our patients thrive. Are you ready to explore new areas of your career? Explore our open positions and see if you can start your very own healthcare journey today!

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