Emily Middlebrooks’ Permanent Place at Baptist Health

Life took Emily Middlebrooks away from Baptist Health for a while, but it didn’t take long before she was back within our facility. “I was able to work at Baptist Health as a student while I was in pharmacy school a few years ago, and I loved the pharmacists that I got to work with and learn from,” Emily recalled during a recent conversation. But my husband and I moved to Virginia while he went to law school, so that’s where I started my pharmacy career. After about two years we were, thankfully, able to come back. I was anxious to come back to Arkansas and try to see if I could make a permanent move here. Why Baptist Health, after her previous pharmacy experience? “I love working here,” Emily simply said. I love it because we’re able to reach so many kinds of patients. A lot of our patients come from rural areas in Arkansas, and we’re able to educate them and work out their disease state and paperwork so they understand their medications, and their lives are changed because of that. While her permanent place was with Baptist Health, Emily’s spot was in a slightly different location. Instead of her previous practical classroom, Baptist Health North Little Rock, she joined our central pharmacy team in Little Rock. “The work cultures are really similar between Baptist Health North Little Rock and Little Rock,” Emily said confidently. We work with a lot of physicians, nurses, and case managers on the floor to make sure we’re providing the best for our patients. The techs and the pharmacists work so well together, no matter where your pharmacy is located. Emily even saw the extent of her coworkers’ dedication when she made the switch from night shift to day shift. When it came time for me to transition to day shift, one of the pharmacists here pitched in and helped me. I had very little training with this new area, but a fellow pharmacist really stepped up and let me work with him during his weekends. He answered the phone whenever I had questions and made sure that I was prepared and trained to go into the day shift. Emily’s future, much like her past and present, is still rooted deeply within her Baptist Health family. I plan on being at Baptist Health for most if not all of my career. I love working here, I love my team, and I love the vision we have for the future. I love the fact that we’re able to adapt to whatever the patient’s needs are. The workflow has changed a few times since I’ve been here, and that’s all happened so we can better help our patients. Have you been looking for your own change? Apply to Baptist Health and find your permanent spot!

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