Determination and Success with Katelyn Lomax

Meet Katelyn Lomax, a dedicated RN, loving mother, and caring wife. The medical maven has been with us here at Baptist Health for 5 rewarding years and counting. The longevity of her career comes as no surprise to us because of the dedication and initiation she’s shown since being employed here at our organization.Katelyn’s passion for all things medical started when she was just a little girl. “My mom was a nurse, so I’ve always wanted to do that…I was just skeptical of the hours,” she laughed.The rigorous schedule was truly no deterrent for Katelyn. She grabbed the challenge by the horns and graduated from Baptist Health College Little Rock (BHCLR), but not before she was offered a position during clinicals in her senior year!Within her 5 years of being at Baptist Health, she’s gone from working on 9B, to CVICU, to cross-training PRN to the emergency room, all while working full-time in the cardiovascular department. She’s spent tremendous amounts of time in each of the departments, so she feels that Baptist Health is “definitely” her home away from home. I really feel like my co-workers, paired with the atmosphere, are compatible with the pace I work at. It’s a very open unit. We teach an imperative lesson in the beginning, that teamwork is the most important aspect of our job. We probably wouldn’t make it through the day without each other.As a matter of fact, when staff from other units visit them, their teamwork is what they get complimented on most. Along with the strong spirit of teamwork, Katelyn is a firm believer in Baptist Health’s passion for career growth and seeing their employees succeed. The wildly experienced RN has been fortunate enough to train on multiple floors in different departments to further her career in health care. With Baptist Health having led her through schooling and into her career, the RN has been able to build relationships with supervisors across departments, and her determination paid off fairly quickly.Her proactivity for gaining experience in the emergency room is why the supervisor of the unit took Katelyn under her wing, working quite closely with her to ensure that she was taking in all that she needed from the training. Katelyn recently graduated with her APN and accepted a position with the heart failure team!“I feel as though that opportunity was presented based on higher-ups seeing how hard I worked and my determination,” she stated.Although the last 2 years of her life have comprised mainly of schooling and clinicals, she spends her free time with her three beautiful children aged, eleven, three, and one. She doesn’t make all of this magic happen alone, though. Much like her support team at Baptist Health, she’s got a strong support system at home in her husband that takes over the family needs when healthcare duties call. At Baptist Health, we believe in the importance of up-skilling our staff to enable them to create a better future for themselves. Join Katelyn and our remarkable team of nurses around the state of Arkansas in fulfilling dreams and building a better tomorrow for those around us. If you’re looking to gain experience and knowledge in multiple departments, we’ve definitely got a place for you here!

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