Denny Pate’s Baptist Health Destiny

It seemed that Denny Pate was always destined to join the Baptist Health family. Even as a young child, he was never far from our door.“My grandfather was a chaplain here in the late ‘70s and ‘80s,” Denny explained.We’d come up here every now and again for visits or to hear sermons in the chapel. Eventually he was the reason I ended up meeting the Director of Registration. I came into Baptist Health as a young child, and I always liked meeting the people who worked there. I love the organization because they treat their patients like family, and ultimately that’s why I chose to officially be a part of it. After considering a career in teaching, Denny ended up officially joining the Baptist Health team as a Registration Representative in 1998.I originally wanted to be a coach and a teacher, but I found Baptist Health instead. I started in Admissions and worked my way up to being an IT subject matter expert for the registration department. His experience in education wasn’t a distraction from his path at Baptist Health: it was celebrated. He used his background and dedication to work his way from Registration Representative to his current senior position as System Analyst for the Epic team.I’ve worked as a Benefits Rep, where I worked with insurance and billing. I’ve been a supervisor in Little Rock and helped manage the ER Reps and counselors. Now I’m working with information systems in North Little Rock and work with our revenue system. Baptist Health has been so good to me. There may be opportunities at other places, but I love the organization so much. I want to return that to our people and give my job everything I can.One of the major ways Denny accomplishes that is by working with Epic: our state-of-the-art electronic medical record system.Basically, we work with anything that involves patient movement—admissions, discharges, transfers—and collaborate with other staff to make their experience smoother. We also work with registration and environmental service schedules. There are quite a few areas of support that my team is responsible for.So here’s a call to all our detail-oriented future Baptist Health employees: the Epic team could just be an epic way to start your journey here.Our group touches pretty much every team here. We work with the clinical team, the order team, pharmacy, emergency—we are a close-knit group that works intricately with a lot of people around Baptist Health.Are you interested in broadening your reach? View our non-clinical positions on the Career Site. You too could have a destiny with Baptist Health!

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