Brittany Piggee’s Past and Future with Baptist Health

Brittany has been around health care for ten years. But since she joined Baptist Health in her Patient Care Technician role in August 2017, there’s been a bigger goal she’s worked toward. “I want to be a nurse,” she declared. But to anyone in the Baptist Health system, it isn’t much of a shock. She’s currently enrolled in the nursing school, and she is already finding out our intricate processes and procedures from observing how the nurses interact with their patients. Brittany described to us the experience she had while working on the floor one day. At one point, there was a patient on the floor that was declining, and I watched how the entire team communicated with each other about that patient’s future health needs. They were on top of things and arranging the best care possible. I learn something new every day, and I’m grateful for that. When she’s not hitting the books, Brittany is learning more with the patients she looks after. While she’s still gaining the education to administer the exemplary nursing care Baptist Health is known for, she’s still able to be a kind and compassionate presence to the people she sees every day. Ifyou’re going to care for someone as a career, you have to treat them like they’re someone you know and love. You have to treat them that way because that’s just what it means to be in health care and Baptist Health. We go above and beyond even when no one is looking. That’s why she’s decided to be a representative of how we Keep On Amazing. Ever since she joined, Brittany has seen our dedication to providing the best for our people—not just our patients, but our fellow employees as well. “I know so many nurses that have gone above and beyond,” Brittany remarked. They do things that are not just on their worklist. I’ve seen things they do for patients that warm my heart—they take care of everybody like it’s someone they love and care deeply for. The patient care and how they communicate with the families makes Baptist Health different, and that’s just the kind of nurse I want to be. We know Brittany will be able to do all that and more. Good luck with the rest of your studies and remember to Keep On Amazing!

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