Advancing with Baptist Health featuring Amanda Pate

One simple suggestion can change the course of your career. It certainly did for Amanda Pate, who was working as an LPN when her friend mentioned Baptist Health. “She worked there, so she told me all about it,” Amanda explained. I worked at a nursing home as an RN before coming here, and I found that I ran out of opportunities. Once you were at the top, there was nowhere for you to really go. So I started as an RN I on the Med-Surg unit to get foundational knowledge that I can use everywhere. Amanda knew that the Med-Surg unit was a good way to gain experience with a little bit of everything in nursing, and she was beyond happy with the experience she found at Baptist Health. You’re offered a lot of opportunities at Baptist Health. You’re encouraged to advance. All of our managers are looking to advance their employees, offer them opportunities, and give you the means to succeed. Amanda’s manager was instrumental in her own success. While Amanda was still in school, her manager made it a point to work with her and get the best results possible. I was actually weekend-option when I was in school because that worked best for me, and then once I graduated, I switched to a weekday schedule. She offered to help out all the time. Even still, she’s encouraging me to go on and get my master’s degree, which we can do through Baptist Health’s reimbursement plan. Now, with one eye on a future master’s degree, Amanda is one of our amazing ARN IIIs, as well as a certified Med-Surg RN and Patient Flow Facilitator for her unit. She is motivated by constant progression, and thankfully, she points out, so is Baptist Health. “We really push evidence-based practice,” Amanda continued. They bring best practices into nursing and they encourage you to find other techniques and bring them back to your unit. Right now, we’re trialing a certain protocol, and it’s really exciting to be part of changes in the nursing practice and be part of a workplace that wants to be the best. That’s why Amanda is excited to come to work every day. “I take pride in saying I work with Baptist Health,” she said. It has a really good reputation in our community and we have a lot of branches throughout Arkansas. We have Christian values and they encourage you to participate in prayer with your patients and your coworkers. It really makes a difference to me to bring Jesus with me to work. It lets me be able to do God’s work and share God with my patients. Are you drawn to an evidenced-based healthcare facility that also appreciates Christian compassion? View our open positions and apply to join one of our teams!

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