A Day-In-The-Life of Our Long-Tenured Staff

Here at Baptist Health, we want to ensure that those we employ are happy with their careers and continue to grow with us through the years. A career with Baptist Health is one that means longevity and prosperity! Amanda Baxter is currently an RN with us here at Baptist Health and knew our organization was her new home when she realized how supportive and collaborative the staff members were. At North Little Rock, I really feel that the nurses and staff work really well together. It's a small hospital, so we all know each other and help one another out. There's a sense of family here and I really appreciate it. Amanda has been with us since 2009 and continues to thrive in our facilities. She's had an entire decade to experience what the culture is like here at Baptist Health and says, “From team members to our leaders—we are a team here. It is really nice to have a sense of family. I know I can ask anyone for help." Communication here at Baptist Health is part of our organization's very foundation. We want there to be a clear and streamlined connection between leadership and staff members. Brenda Goodhart has been a System Director for Women's and Children's since 1977. The long life of her career with us aids in promoting the idea. In order to succeed here, Brenda believes that comprehension and communication are key. You have to have good communication skills and the ability to listen. Change your mind; sometimes people can come up with a better way to do something, and you certainly can't be a controlling person if you want to grow. Bobbi Walker is one of those people who have spent 30 years growing with us here at Baptist Health. It was actually kind of funny. When I got hired, I was under another manager in the emergency room, since I had experience with the ER and ICU. I was an RN III, which is the back up to the manager, and when he left, I got promoted just six weeks later. it was a great fit for me as soon as I came here. Bobbi has since gone from managing the Medical Department to Surgery, to finding her new home in the Emergency Room Department. What has kept her with us here at Baptist Health is the "small-town feel" she says. "We're the biggest health system in the state, and Arkadelphia itself is known to get top quality healthcare around its area, so that was an opening draw. But it has a family atmosphere that makes it special here. We're all family," Bobbi continues. We pride ourselves on the high percentage of long-tenured employees here at Baptist Health, and we want you to join the team! Don’t forget to look at our career site to see what opportunities are available to you!

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