A Chance Encounter with Baptist Health

To Carl Jaglal, fate intervened to bring him to Baptist Health all those years ago. I was a farmhand from the age of 15 through 20 and I was heading to Canada as a migrant worker when faith had it that my aunt interceded and sent for me. His aunt Ruth had fallen ill. Carl walked into Baptist Health in 1988 and watched as a group of doctors and nurses cared for his loved one in the CVICU. His experience watching the nurses in particular set his career into motion and he’s never once doubted his choice to stay within our hospital. It’s been 27 years now. Carl has worked his way up the ranks through hard work and commitment to what makes Baptist Health great. Above all else, he has faith in his work, and he admires that our facilities allow him to treat people with the utmost care. His current title is the Interim Nurse Manager. In simple terms, it means that he handles the financial responsibilities of the unit, works continuously with patients and other coworkers, handles daily staffing needs, and drives the department to exceed their goals. But in reality, Carl knows that being a manager is so much more. “My personal aspiration is to be the kind of manager that employees will trust, rely on, and one day refer to me as a positive influencer in their lives,” he shares. Managers are undeniably our leaders for a reason; they push their team to success, so it’s crucial that they treat their fellow coworkers with kindness and understanding. Thankfully Carl finds that it’s not a hard task to accomplish with Baptist Health: I am blessed to work with a great team of professionals who care about their patients in a manner second to none and they care about the welfare of their colleagues incredibly. I have had occasions where I needed to change schedules to afford a team member time away from work and without questions, the rest of the team was unselfish in changing their schedule to accommodate that need. That is a blessing. It can be difficult to start pursuing a new career. For Carl, it was a snowy day in the CVICU department that decided his future, but what about others who are newer to the Baptist Health family? If someone reading this is contemplating a career in health care, I would say that the only rewards awaiting you is derived from the efforts you put forward. I would tell them that if they want to work for a company that puts God and family first and gives them the tools to provide the best care to exceed your patients’ expectations, then this is the place to be. Consider visiting our career page and see what opportunities we have in your area. Our nurses have the flexibility to experience a multitude of specialties during their rotations, and we’re certain you’ll be able to find a place that calls to you as strongly as the CVICU called to Carl.

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