35 Years of Teamwork at Baptist Health

Vivien Lamb began her nursing career in the emergency department of a hospital in Ireland, where she is from. Aiming to fulfill a passion for travel while continuing a nursing career, she began looking in her local paper for nursing opportunities in other countries. After applying to several different hospitals in a variety of countries around the world, she ultimately chose Baptist Health due to the scope of nursing specialities offered here.

Though she started working here in 1981 as a telemetry nurse, after a year and a half she took six months off to travel the states and visit Ireland. But, in 1983 she returned to Baptist Health and she has been here ever since.

Since 2012, Vivien has been a Registered Nurse in Baptist Health’s Cardiac Prep and Recovery Unit (CPRU). In the last 35 years she has worked in a variety of units, but no matter which unit she’s working in, there’s been one constant: the sense of teamwork that is fostered at Baptist Health.

A First Look at the Teamwork in Baptist Health

When I came back to work here in 1983, I started off in the emergency department, which I absolutely adored. I was there for about 20 years, and it’s really my first love of nursing. It is a fun place to work and we were all a very close knit group. We worked all day or night together, and then would even hang out after work.

The CPRU Team

The CPRU is an outpatient procedure unit, which makes it a little different than the average nursing experience. It’s very fast-paced, so you cannot be an island—you have to watch out for your peers as well as yourself. What that looks like in action is really a sharing of the load, and it happens every day in this unit. I’m a preceptor and once I feel an orientee is comfortable in their nursing skills, I also take the time to train them on teamwork.

Why Teamwork is Imperative

An effective team that works together is beneficial not only to us working in the unit, but also to the patients. Patient safety is a key issue, and another set of eyes can make all the difference. Also, it builds trust in the relationship between coworkers. Knowing someone else has your back leads to a really cohesive environment.

Unconventional Ways the Team Comes Together

As a team, we share stories or key interests in our field. It’s good to share, because it helps build relationships. We also talk about things other than work—our families, restaurants we like, good news. One thing we all enjoy is going in on lottery tickets together. It can’t always be work-related topics you’re bonding with each other about.

How Leaders Promote Teamwork

Our leader in the CPRU is one of the better bosses I’ve ever had. She gives you room to breathe and makes suggestions rather than demands. She’s not a nitpicker but she’s very smart and she knows what she’s doing. She knows how to keep us together as a team and keep everything on track in the unit.

See the different teamwork can make in your career when you apply to join the Baptist Health team today!

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